Maybe the quickest way to find out how a certain task is carried out is to watch a video clip where somebody defines the very actions you need to undertake. This is valid specifically if you order a new hosting account without having used this sort of service beforehand, or if you have used a web hosting platform with some other graphical interface and are therefore not familiar with the way things are administerd on the new one. A tutorial video clip can show you the easiest and swiftest way to perform a certain operation in your web hosting account, saving you the effort of going through different options until you find the one that you actually need, or of reading long knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be unclear as to where you should go and what you should click.
Video Tutorials in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting packages come with an in-house built hosting Control Panel, which is a rather intuitive and easy to use, which implies that you will not have any difficulty doing anything you like. Nevertheless, we've compiled a comprehensive video catalogue that comprises loads of tutorial movies devoted to each and every Control Panel section and the features that can be accessed through it. In case you want to discover how to create a brand new database or to modify your account’s PHP version, for example, you can check the specific steps you need to follow. We’ve gone even further – we’ve created different how-to video clips too in order to offer you an idea as to what error and access logs are, or what CPU load is, for instance. You can browse all the available tutorials whenever you wish, or you can watch only the ones that are applicable to a particular Control Panel section.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Hosting
In order to help you become acquainted with our custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel, we have prepared a rich repository of video tutorials where you can get to know how to accomplish virtually everything associated with your semi-dedicated server account. We’ve tried our best to cover as many tasks as possible, ranging from basic info like what error and access logs are, to more complex and practical things such as how to export a database or how to park a domain name in your semi-dedicated server account. For your convenience’s sake, you can watch tutorials that are related only to the functions that are available in a certain section of the Control Panel. Naturally, in case you want to further enhance your skills and your knowledge, you can check the dedicated video section, which can be accessed via a link, which is located at the bottom of the Control Panel and browse through all the videos that we’ve created for our present and potential clients.