Sender Policy Framework, or SPF, is a verification system, which is intended to stop the so-called e-mail spoofing where an e-mail message is sent from one e-mail address, but to appear as being sent from another, ordinarily with the idea to scam the recipient in some way. If SPF protection is enabled for a domain name, a specific record is made for it in the Domain Name System and all of the DNS servers worldwide receive it. The record contains all the e-mail servers that are allowed to send legitimate messages from an email address under the domain. When an e-mail is sent, the first DNS server it goes to verifies the SPF record and in case its sending server is authorized, the message is forwarded to the target receiver. When, however, the sending server is not present in the SPF record for the specified domain, the email message will not be sent and it'll be discarded. If you employ this solution, it'll stop third parties from sending spam messages which appear to have been sent by you.
SPF Protection in Shared Hosting
The SPF protection function is accessible by default with every single shared hosting plan that we offer and you'll be able to use it without difficulty in order to protect the e-mail addresses for any domain name hosted within your account. The service is handled through the Emails section of our state-of-the-art, and easy to work with Hepsia Control Panel. What is needed to enable the protection is to type the IP of the mail server and its hostname -, for instance. Once the protection is active, only this server will be able to send out email messages from email addresses made under the domain name that you've selected. Your e-mails can be handled by some other supplier, but if we handle them along with your web site, you may also enable an option for your emails to be sent only if the domain features our MX records. This option gives you improved security as only our server will be approved to send out messages from your mailboxes and you will have superior control. If you have any questions or in case you have any troubles with this service, you will be able to contact our technical support team at any time and they will help you right away.
SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The SPF protection attribute comes with all Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, so if you host your domains in an account on our cloud web hosting platform, you will be able to use this service effortlessly for any of your domains. The Hepsia Control Panel, which is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts, has a very easy to work with interface, which means that you will not have to be tech-savvy to protected your emails. You will only have to type the hostname and the IP of each mail server that you would like to be certified to send emails from your addresses and shortly after that the updated record will be active for the domain name that you have picked. As a further option, we will also allow you to restrict your outgoing e-mail messages and protect your mailboxes even better by allowing emails to be sent only if the domain name in question contains our MX records i.e. the emails for the domain name have to be taken care of by us and not by some other supplier. In this way you'll get even superior control and there won't be any chance for anybody to fake your email addresses for harmful purposes.