All arithmetical and logical procedures inside a computer/server configuration are addressed by its Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This hardware part is typically called the "brains" of the PC too. The pace at which the CPU carries out system instructions is commonly referred to as its speed and it is measured in Hertz. The swifter the processing unit is, the more quickly scripts and web applications will be executed, though the efficiency of the latter is determined by other things as well - the read/write speed of the hard disk drive, the amount of physical memory, the network connectivity, etc. All modern CPUs have a number of cores, which work together. Thus, the overall performance and the workload a CPU can manage increase, because each core can process various tasks separately and several cores can handle 1 task that cannot be processed by a single core.
CPU Share in Dedicated Servers Hosting
Our dedicated server solutions come with a range of hardware configurations, so, based on what you need the web server for and on your budget, you can pick the best suited one for you. Apart from the different RAM and disk space allocations, every single plan provides different CPU shares too. The CPUs that we make available have 2-12 cores, so you can select the plan which will suit your needs best. With the most powerful package deal, every application which you run on the hosting server will run extremely fast regardless of the resources it needs and no matter how many people are using it all at once, but even the lower-end plans are adequate for most kinds of websites. The overall performance of the CPUs is reviewed along with all the other hardware parts, so as to guarantee that the machine that we will hand over to you shall work faultlessly and at top capacity all of the time.