Domain Manager

Multi–domain administration done correctly

With the - Web Hosting in Toronto Online Control Panel, you are no longer restricted to work with just one domain name. You can manage 1 or 100 domain names in an indentical simple and time and effort saving manner. We’ve also included a few other helpful tools, which will let you park, forward and Whois Privacy Protect your domain names as well as to specify custom DNS records. Having all these domain name administration options in one location will spare you considerable amounts of time and effort.

Email Manager

An all–embracing email management tool

The Email Account Manager available in the Online Control Panel offers a user–friendly GUI with lots of email controls. You will be able to forward electronic mail messages to another electronic mail account, create custom email filters, control the levels of anti–spam protection, generate custom auto–reply messages, SPF–protect your domain, create email lists, etc. Step–by–step email management video tutorials are available too.

A Database Manager

A useful database administration tool

Using various other hosting solutions, you need to set up a database, afterwards a user, and then indicate a user access level. With our Database Manager, we have rendered the procedure much simpler. All you need to do is create a database and that’s all – the name of the database is also the username. As elementary as that.

And if you have to back up a certain database, you can do so with a mouse click from the Online Control Panel.

Scripting Support

All plans offer full scripting support

Our Linux physical machines offer full scripting support. You are able to host all sorts of PHP or Python web apps and also choose from among over 3400 Perl modules. The shared hosting packs offer also MySQL and PostgreSQL support and feature the InnoDB database engine. ImageMagick, Zend Optimizer, SSI and GD Library are also supported on our web hosting servers.

Free Templates

Over a 100 cost–free site layouts accessible from the Control Panel

Are you looking for a new template for your Wordpress personal diary? Do you need a fresh design for your Joomla–powered website? You will be able to pick from over one hundred completely free web site templates directly from within the - Web Hosting in Toronto Online Control Panel. Simply pick the design skin of your choosing and install it on your site with a simple mouse click. Your new site will be set up with its own unique design in a matter of minutes. And you won’t even have to abandon your hosting Control Panel!

VPN Access

Safe, private browsing

In case you’d like to stay truly anonymous whilst browsing the web, we offer you a simple option. With any of our shared hosting packs, you can get Virtual Private Network access. We’ll forward your entire inbound and outbound Internet traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your electronic footmark untrackable. And you’ll acquire VPN access irrespective of what web–connected gadget you use.

Web Accelerators

Different tools to increase the loading speed of your sites

In the Online Control Panel you will find a collection of Web Site Accelerator Tools intended to speed up your dynamic, database–driven web sites. By caching web content, these tools significantly decrease the number of times a database is referred to and thus curtail the server load. This will help your web sites load faster and will decrease the bounce rates. You’ll be able to pick from among three website accelerator tools – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js.

Web App Installer

A one–click Web Apps Installer with over forty PHP scripts

Within the Online Control Panel there is a rapid, single–click Applications Installer tool, by using which you can install more than forty totally free PHP scripts. It can help you get your online diary, discussion board, online photo album or Internet shop online in a matter of seconds. Simply select your desired web app, fill in several details and hit the Install button. And that’s it! The system will perform the installation instead of you within seconds. Absolutely no code to write, no scripts to set up.

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